Hello - I’m Aaron.
I love to build teams, products, and businesses.

I’m the founder of Lexer: A business that transforms all a companies data into a powerful resource for sales and service.

Lexer is a crazy idea that is getting bigger and better, beyond what I first imagined in 2010. I spend my time building a productivity focused culture, great user experiences, and high volume data architectures.

As Lexer grows I face new and more complex challenges; operational, cultural, and technical. I’m always looking to connect with peers to share the journey, and mentors to gain wisdom to shape our future.

I’m also a builder of LEGO, gadgets, and relationships. My husband @coreytsd and I enjoy forming lifelong friendships with phenomenal people, most often over great food, wine, and karaoke.

You’ll find me all across the web on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Medium as d2kagw.